What Gun/Guns and Ammo do You Deer Hunt with?

Talk about the best guns and ammunition for deer hunting!
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RE: What Gun/Guns and Ammo do You Deer Hunt with?

Postby ilovetohunt » Wed Oct 27, 2010 8:28 am

I'm using a browning a-blot .270 shooting Winchester 130gr. Power Points. I have fiddled with the idea of moving up to 150gr. but the 130gr. shoot fine so I figure, why mess with a good thing!

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RE: What Gun/Guns and Ammo do You Deer Hunt with?

Postby extrmhntr » Sun Nov 14, 2010 10:02 pm

I shoot a BAR. Browning Auto in a 243. I shoot a wide range of ammo depending on wether i'm in the fields or woods.

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RE: What Gun/Guns and Ammo do You Deer Hunt with?

Postby GTOHunter » Wed Nov 24, 2010 7:40 pm

Sounds like several of You shoot some interesting Guns/Rifles...I'd love to see a picture of Your Browning BAR .243 Extrmhntr!

Well I finally ended up sighting in the older Remington Bolt-action 30-06 with the Remington "Managed Recoil Shells" and I must say it was awesome to shoot a 30-06 at the Rifle Range and have very little recoil.I started out at 50 yards and within 3 shots I took out the center of the target with the last shot,then I set up to the 100 yards target and put 3 good shots in a circle no larger/wider than a average size 8 oz drinking cup!Now the 30-06 was already on-target from the previous Owner and all I had to do was tweak it a little to get where I wanted it. [;)]

I also sighted in my new Savage 7mm-08 which took me about 2 boxes of shells with 20 shells in each box to be where I wanted to be and I switched off between 3 other Rifles to let each gun cool down between shooting 3 shells from each gun and taking the time to adjust the scopes,check targets and rest between groups.I started out at the 50 yard target and moved up to the 100 yard target where I wanted to be in the center at 100 yards.

This year during Rifle Deer Season I hunted with my new 7mm-08 and I got a nice big Doe opening morning (saturday) broadside at around 50 yards and I passed on several Doe's and Bucks all week til I had a nice 8-Point Buck come in down-hill to my right late friday evening where I took him out of my 17' ladder stand,he was coming down-hill straight at me and when he paused again to eat a few acorns I stood up and put the crosshairs on the top of his shoulders...pulled the Accu-trigger and he went down in his tracks at around 25-30 yards away!       

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RE: What Gun/Guns and Ammo do You Deer Hunt with?

Postby tbonecpa » Thu Nov 25, 2010 12:34 pm

Model 70 30-06 (Grandpa gave it to me and now my oldest son uses it)
Savage 112 Weather Warrior 300WM, 1/2" groups all day (managed recoil ammo works great for even my 11 yr old son)
Remington 11-87 w/ Hastings cantilever barrel (those sabots sure are expensive!)
Remington Genesis 50 cal. (nice trigger and shoots awesome, my new favorite)
Traditions ML 50 cal (utility/backup gun)

Big believer in good triggers and mid-quality scopes with plenty of magnification 3-9x, 4-12x, 4-16x(coyotes and out west)
Where we hunt the shots are limited to about 200 yds so ammo doesn't seem to effect accuracy much except the slug gun(Federal Barnes Expanders only if you want to keep groups under 3 in). These guns have all taken deer and still comes down to shot placement and the bullet will do its job

When Wisconsin introduced the Mentor Program I went from one son hunting to three. Reduced recoil loads save me from spending about $1000 in new guns for the 10 and 11 yr old. We shoot the same gun and just switch ammo depending on who is doing the shooting. The point of impact is very close between the reduced and regular loads.

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RE: What Gun/Guns and Ammo do You Deer Hunt with?

Postby backwoodsboy » Sun Nov 28, 2010 1:04 pm

well when i go hunting i nomally use a short old winchester 30-30 with a 150 grain bullet and ive killed 2 with it yet

and i also have a 270. winchester that i use and a 223. 243. and 30-06 they are all good guns

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RE: What Gun/Guns and Ammo do You Deer Hunt with?

Postby RMc » Thu Dec 02, 2010 1:42 am

Along the Gulf Coast most of the terrain is thick unless you happen to be sitting a power line right of way or an agricultural field. Given those circumstances my current favorites are:

For open area stand hunting, Ruger 77 .270Win. with Leupold FX 4 power and 130 gr. WW Power Points.

For dog drives and thick cover stand hunting, Remington 870 Express with 26" vent rib bbl., Briley Ext. Full choke tube and 12 gauge Dixie Tri-Ball 3" buckshot, (three .60 caliber 3/4th ounce pellets), < 7 inch patterns at 50 yards. Shoots to point of aim with the vent rib and bead sight system!

For those hunting moments that "happen" S&W 4" 686 with 180 grain Double Tap WFN hard cast bullets.

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RE: What Gun/Guns and Ammo do You Deer Hunt with?

Postby derekb » Wed Dec 08, 2010 10:27 am

i use a remington model 1917 30-06. bought it for $150 had the metal and stock refinished, and put a 3-9x40 tasco on it and love it. no kick at all. i use federal nosler ballistic tip 165's.

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RE: What Gun/Guns and Ammo do You Deer Hunt with?

Postby blueeyeddragon76 » Fri Dec 17, 2010 3:15 pm

well deer season is over in New hampshire..:( and no i did not get a deer this year:( (numbers were down all over the state the weather and hunting pressure in the area really messed up our rut, and alot of the deer up here went nocturnal.... but I did get a new rifle that i did get sited in... I got a savage Edge 30-06 with a 3x9x40 bushnell adjustable scope... shooting 165 gr. fusion  bullets... i saw plenty of does with it( but alas can't shoot does) but at the range let me tell you .. i love this gun and how it shoots, plus i got it at only about 40 % off the normal price.. so i could not pass it up... got it sighted in in three shots and put the rest of the box through her  and she stayed dead on... now I just can't wait til next years season!!! or to see another coyote!

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RE: What Gun/Guns and Ammo do You Deer Hunt with?

Postby montanahunter » Fri Dec 17, 2010 4:00 pm

Bought a Marlin XL7 in 25-06 in April of this year. Had a Redfield 3X9 Revolution installed with Burris rings and using the factory mounted weaver style one piece mount. I have several rifles in my gun safe 7mm rem mag, .270 Weatherby, 30-06 (2), 22-250 and a 243. My father in-law has hunted with a 25-06 for the last 20 years and has made me into a believer in this round. This new rifle will shoot 3/4 inch groups all day long with the new Hornady superformance 117 grain sst loads. I shot a nice 4x5 mulie with it at 321 yards ranged with a range finder and my 17 year old son shot an outstanding 30 inch 4x4 at 407 yards one week later ranged, both shots were one shot kills. Mine was through the right front shoulder, the deer turned and ran down hill about 10 yards and fell dead. My sons shot hit low in the chest taking out the heart and this buck was DRT. To say I am impressed would be an understatement. Anyone thinking about a new addition to the gun safe would do well to check out this combo. Not much money for the amount of performance, around 500 dollars, this rig is a keeper.
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RE: What Gun/Guns and Ammo do You Deer Hunt with?

Postby GTOHunter » Fri Dec 17, 2010 9:50 pm

I've heard a lot of great things about the Marlin XL7 Rifles and the Savage Edge Rifles too,my Friend bought one of the Edges in a .243 Bolt-action for Him to use during regular Deer Season and for his Son to use on the Youth Hunts this year!I heard that they are changing the Savage Edge's and calling them "Axis" now!
I've been thinking about getting another new Rifle for strictly Coyote & Varmint Hunting...been tossing the idea around about getting a Ruger .204 bolt-action Rifle from CZ-USA,they also make them at Ruger,Remington,T/C and I think Savage too? 


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