Antler restrictions

Does your state have a deer regulation that defies common sense?
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Antler restrictions

Postby Mac » Sun Oct 04, 2009 11:29 am

In Texas there's a law that's running thru our countys.

Antler Restrictions:
I actually like this law, tell me what you think of it.
I think it'll be a state law, and not a county law, very soon. ... trictions/

Do any other states have this in motion?
I thought I read about NY, NJ, and PA... is there any more

In short, when the county takes on this law it actually gives you and additional buck tag.

The deer has to have a 13 inch inside spread or better to be a legal buck.
but you can also take a spike.

My dad shot a deer last year that started out as an 8 pt. but broke off an entire antler while fighting.
So it had a stump on one side and 4 pts on the other. I called the Game Warden and he said that since the deer only had an antler that was unbranched, it was concidered a spike.... go figure.
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