$200 bow? Or $200 bow deal?

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$200 bow? Or $200 bow deal?

Postby relentless_hunter_12 » Sat Jul 03, 2010 4:44 am

So I have a friend who would like to sell me a youth bow for $200, it can go to 60 pounds and go to 31 inches draw length. It is a very nice bow with a fallaway rest and sights. Then I did some research, or more like looking around online and found some awsome deals from people, I am not looking for top of the line, im just looking for somthign to get me going. Some of the offers I found online included a Compound bow with hard case, carbon arrows, Broadheads, feild tips, beeswax, and release. All that for $200 because they have no room left in there new place for his bow. I would love to find another deal like this, especially if it is in wisconsin. If anyone knows of any deals like that in wisconsin please reply to this or my other similiar post on the wisconsin page. Thanks.
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