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Postby Pugsley » Sun Nov 23, 2008 4:05 pm

I have nothing to compare to. This is my first year bow hunting. My girlfriend bought me a bow (PSE Brute). I love it! I love bow hunting and would rather do that than rifle. I did get a doe with it from my ladder stand. It was about a 20 yard shot. I hit her a little back further than i wanted to. Whether she took a step as i shot i don't know. But i hit her in the liver. She took off running about 30 yards and stopped. She walked around for a while started to come back to me. I got another arrow ready and she took off running again and dropped about 50 yards from my stand but i didn't know that at the time. I gave her time and and it was dark when i found her. Man, i love bow hunting and my Brute. I sound like a commercial. 

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Postby 8uck5nort » Mon Nov 24, 2008 5:41 am

PSE Brute is a sweet bow. Can't beat it for the price and performance. I got two does with mine. Still out looking for my buck.
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Postby Jdbllung » Mon Jan 26, 2009 2:13 pm

I'm still shooting a PSE Thunder Flite Xpress, it's 10 years old now, but I've maintained it very well and it still shoots pretty good.  I am saving up for another bow, PSE of course, ya can't beat 'em IMO, and you don't have to take out a 2nd mortgage to purchase and equip one.
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Postby whubbard » Mon Jan 26, 2009 2:30 pm

I shoot a PSE Fireflight.  Ive had it for five years and absolutely still love it.  Not the fastest bow on the planet, but brother does it shoot sweet.  smooth, quiet, and accurate.  I've considered buying something new, but can't make myself come off the money for something I may like less than what I already have.  I have a short draw, and only pull 60-62 pounds, but almost every deer I've killed with it, have all been clean pass throughs.  I mean they were SMOKED. 
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Postby MDV WI hunter » Fri Mar 06, 2009 6:09 am

I'm a little late to the conversation but I bought a PSE Stinger last month.  Nice bow and I'm shooting well with it.  This will be my first season with a bow so I'm looking forward to seeing what she can do.
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Postby gunther89 » Fri Mar 06, 2009 7:44 am

I also shoot a PSE Stinger.  The bow is great and after I got it all figured out of how to sight it in, I was getting good groups.  It's also very quiet as well which is nice.

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Postby rangerboatman » Sat Oct 09, 2010 12:11 am

I am shooting a PSE Deer hunter this is just my 2nd year bow hunting alway hunted with a shot gun but I really enjoy shooting the bow now and I hitting my targets more offen than not .Thanks to my son I am hooked on bow hunting which starts on the 18th of october here in Mass trail camera has some nice pictures of doe's on it and I got a doe permit this year wish me luck

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Re: PSE!

Postby BowMan831 » Thu Mar 27, 2014 11:38 am

I'm also shooting a brute X & I have to say I love it! I shot a lot of different bows when shopping & read reviews on all of them. At the end of the day the budget held me back from some flag ship ones. I'm super happy with the Brute regardless & had a decent season( that limiter may have been operator more than bow!)
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Re: PSE!

Postby kellory » Thu Mar 27, 2014 7:48 pm

Gentlemen, it is the archer that matters, not the bow. I use a short bow as well. An Indian Stalker, just like the one above. It was a 16th birthday gift, and I am now 50.
The only modification from factory, is the bow cable has been replaced once, and at that time, was modified to accept replaceable bowstrings. Just like the one posted above. ( it was originally made with a continuous cable from end to end. Now it takes just a few minutes to press it and swap out bowstrings without messing with the cams.)
Quality tools can last you a lifetime, and a good used bow, is worth the investment.
I now have two of these, and loan out the second, as needed.
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