Wow we had an early.....

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Wow we had an early.....

Postby msbadger » Sat Jan 01, 2011 4:20 pm

January thaw.....actually it has been beautiful here in our NY hills for three days now and I got a chance to go check on things...
Still some turnips left in upper and lower plot...the upper plot had immature turnips growing going into winter and they still have a lot of green on them the deer are hitting now...the berry and elderberry patches have their leaf buds all swollen and tender since the weather warmed...great thing for up coming cold .....and the ferns that I had mentioned I never see the deer eating during warm weather had been dug up big time when the snow was on the ground...from what I see they where digging up and eating the crowns with immature fiddle I quess they do eat fern[;)]...ppl have reported that on most nights there are 10-15 deer in the lower corn /turnip plot and the deer have eaten the corn down to a ft tall....the clover plots are dirt and the succraseed is still providing well....pleased so far and glad that they got a rest from the below freezing temps we've delt with the last month +....Hope things are looking good for all of you....Happy 2011...Badger

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