Can you have too much cover?

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RE: Can you have too much cover?

Postby bmt4413 » Wed Sep 01, 2010 4:04 pm

There is a lot here. I think it would be a bad idea to clear out the brush. This is a good thing. Other land owners should push deer to your property, and they will use the cover to escape. Get a topo map and study the terrain features. The deer will use the lay of the land and cover to travel. I highly doubt the deer just randomly enter and exit the field. It may be subtle, but there is a reason-wind, cover, terrain, pressure from neighboring property, and so on. Mapping Trophy Bucks is a great book to read to help explain how to use topo maps and arial photos. I would try to catch the deer early in the season while on feeding patterns or once the bucks start checking for doesnear the rut. The bucks should be quite active in the area with all of the bedding that you spoke ofcome the end of October an dthe first few weeks in November. Use the topography and wind to make your decisions, and good luck.

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RE: Can you have too much cover?

Postby Wolf River Hunter » Fri Sep 03, 2010 2:29 pm

Have you given any thought to a decoy?
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RE: Can you have too much cover?

Postby SwampLife » Wed Sep 29, 2010 7:07 am

I would create staging areas in the 'jungle', preferably if there is a high and low spot in the crop field, I would do one in each area. Some bucks like to enter the field low where they are less likely to be detected, others like to stage high and be able to view the entire field before entering it. If that isn't available, corners or points are always very active entry/exit routes for deer in transition to feed/bed.

I would clear out 1 or 2 small (20'x20' ish) areas just inside the 'jungle' and plant a few apple trees, if there aren't too many in the area these will get hit very hard esp. if you leave them surrounded by security cover. You can get a couple different type of apples that drop at different times of the year, maybe throw in some oaks depending on what your area is lacking. The beautiful thing is you can create these areas according to prevailing winds and suitable stand trees.

As far as having too much cover? Where I hunt there is a lot of pressure, the areas that are nearly impenetrable are where the big boys hang out.
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RE: Can you have too much cover?

Postby EatDeer » Tue Oct 19, 2010 3:41 am

No! Deer love protective cover!!

That means humans can't see them, and deer feel safe there. You keep saying the deer dont come out of the bush until its late? Thats normal here where I hunt.... 

You got the deer bedded on your land, that means alot, I'm sure you got doe's, and you  will have bucks checking them for estrus!

You've got to remember your hunting the deer that decide to venture out in the shooting light.

Try to find a entrance to a stand site on the edge of the heavy cover, and dont let the deer wind your scent. Bucks will travel the down wind side to scent check, where you can ambush them a they travel the heaviest cover to conceal themselves.
Hunt the edges! Go hunting early... come out late!! 

Hope this helped....I guess you could always cut a path and make a windrow of brush piles for you and the deer to travel along. 

Good luck!
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RE: Can you have too much cover?

Postby newgold » Mon Nov 29, 2010 3:30 am



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