Clear shooting lanes...Now?

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RE: Clear shooting lanes...Now?

Postby Goose » Thu Mar 19, 2009 3:21 am

I agree with you guys on Lone Wolf, been looking at their chain ins for the last 2 years and love them just cant open the wallet for one though.[:(]

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RE: Clear shooting lanes...Now?

Postby DeanoZ » Thu Mar 19, 2009 5:50 am


I'm strictly a Public Lands hunter, as I have no access to private land (at least at this time). Additionally, this will be my first year bow hunting. I'm planning on purchasing a climbing stand in August. According to MDWFP, only temporary stands can be used on Public Land. Additionally, nothing can be done that will damage the tree(s). I'm assuming this includes cutting shooting lanes. What should I look for in regards to a tree to use as a hunting spot this fall?  

Something else to consider, and being somewhat of a born again hunter I was a bit inexpereinced when it came to picking trees and made some mistakes.  Some great comments regarding climbers and I don't think you can go wrong with a lone wolf.  However, the climbers as everyone indicated do restrict and influence your stand location...they can be noisy and bulky and as JPH stated you basically need a tree devoid of branches, nubs, etc unless you plan to do a lot of trimming.  I think hang ons are a better option but limit your ability to run and gun unless you prepare stand sights ahead of time, and have multiple hang ons (which can get expensive).  The one piece of advice I will give you that i learned the hard way is before you select a tree, walk the path the deer will, get their vantage point and then imagining the area and shot look around and select a tree from that vantage point that will support the shot.  Once you've found that tree look at all the possible lanes the deer may come from and see if its still a fit, and look at the cover /concelament it will provide...will you stickout like a sore thumb on that tree?  And yes, Deer do look up, especially mature ones in pressured areas.  I've had many deer walk to within 5 meters, right underneath my stand and were none the wiser, but I've also had ones who the instant they entered the area i was in knew somethign was up, the looked up, saw me and darted off. 


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