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RE: Anyone started......

Postby msbadger » Wed Mar 11, 2009 3:55 am

not being kind they were nice looking plots...anyhow the first was a mix of jumbo wht clover and oasis chicory
the second was my own mix to be similar to WHT Inst. I mixed....jumbo wht...starfire red...oassis chicory....alfalfa...and sm. burnett....this was really a test for a lrg field I'm in the process of preparing...the bigger field will need another 2 yrs of BW and fall mixes before I will plant a perennial mix...I need to "weed"out the bad and kill the moss first...moss is a bad thing for me and bringing up the PH helps but doesn't kill it....any how the deer mowed that plot down to the dirt...what kept them coming in though was I did a strip planting and planted turnips in between a clover /rye plot and the my hhhmm lets call it radical mix
 By doing a strip planting you assure the deer are getting some feed pretty much year round and if you do the annuals on the out sides it helps keep the weeds from producing seed around the perimiters of your perennials...Ya I really like growing things [:)]


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