Land Was Logged - Now What?

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RE: Land Was Logged - Now What?

Postby SwampLife » Wed Sep 29, 2010 6:20 am

Creating runways that follow the natural travel patterns the deer would use according to the terrain is a great idea, follow creek edges, benches, saddles, dips, edges of two different types of cover etc.. Use some of the cut brush to block secondary lanes and funnel the deer where you want them to be.

Not too many people bother walking through an area with tree tops so it makes a wonderful sanctuary.

I know these areas suck to go into but if you stay out of them all season, then push it during the post rut/late season there is a good chance that at least one if not more(depending on the size of the area) mature bucks will have taken advantage of this haven. Since you cut paths to funnel the deer you now know the most likely escape routes to place standers.

Also, is the 70 acres the entire piece of property you hunt, or was 70 acres only a portion of the property and that was logged? If your entire hunting area was logged than you may very well be pushing the deer out of that area by hunting it. May want to find a way to keep the deer from bedding on a certain portion so you can hunt without blowing them all out of there. Or make the center more inviting for them to bed then you can hunt whichever edge according to wind direction...

Post a pic showing us what is going on with google maps?
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RE: Land Was Logged - Now What?

Postby habitatmanager » Thu Oct 07, 2010 7:45 am

Try looking around the edges of your propery and see where the deer are entering and exiting the tops, the trational paths they were using were probably blocked by tops. you might need to move your stand sites or cut paths by youe existing stands to encourage use again. As for trying to drive the deer out unless you have an army the top provide too much cover and the deer will let you walk right by without moving a muscle, try planting the logging rds to help bring them out in the open. You are in for exceptional hunting in a few years for sure! But for now you need to change your hunting style for the new conditions your facing... best of luck!

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RE: Land Was Logged - Now What?

Postby franky85 » Fri Dec 17, 2010 11:16 am

This post is a little old, but I just had my timber logged the summer of 2009 so thought I would offer my experience with this.  I didn't do a thing to it for the 2009 season and didn't have as much luck as would have liked to.  So this spring I took our 6' bush hog on the three point hitch of a tractor without a loader (the loader makes the tractor longer and harder to make tight corners in the timber).  I mowed just a couple paths almost all the way through the timber and then a couple across it.  During the summer when the briars were thick, the deer used them like a highway.  I planted beans right on the paths and the deer loved it.  They were still surrounded by good cover and could dart off the path if they felt threatened, but used the paths I mowed a lot since it was such easy walking for them.  They are lazy just like us...  [;)]

The first pictures is the loggin trail the loggers left before I mowed it, the second is after I mowed it in the same exact spot and if you look close you can see the beans.  The deer used the logging trail already before I mowed it, but after I mowed it, the activity really picked up.  The deer (and other animals) completely wiped out the beans before they could put a pod on.  I think they must have loved being abled to stand right in the middle of the timber and feel safe and be able to eat one of their favorites.

Anyways, if you have a bushhog mower or something similar available to you I think it is a great idea.  I will keep these paths mowed once a year from here on out.



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RE: Land Was Logged - Now What?

Postby jbekes » Fri Dec 17, 2010 7:21 pm

we had our farm logged a few years back and the couple of years that followed we saw more deer that we had before it. like everyone has said they get in the tops and use them for cover. as long as you can hunt the edges you will see more deer, than you knew your property could hold. Remember the big boys like the thick stuff.

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RE: Land Was Logged - Now What?

Postby impeach O » Tue Dec 28, 2010 9:15 pm

I did not see mentioned the species of tree and time of year logged. if it was aspen logged in the winter thank the Lord! I did about 6 acers of aspen 3 winters ago and have to beat the deer off with a stick if I want to go through it!
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