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RE: Fall Plots

Postby Joe G. » Fri Apr 15, 2011 11:01 am

Here is the final report on the Tall Tine Tubers and Winter Greens. There were still PLENTY of turnips in the plots to not only get the deer through the winter but the early spring as well!!! The trail cam pics (which I would love to post but the site won't let me [runtime error comes up all the time]) showed deer in the plots all winter and into the spring no matter how deep the snow! The deer as of yesterday still had turnips to eat and are continuing to do so. These seeds are going to be planted every year now. I did learn however from reading Deer and Deer Hunting that the Tall Tine Tubers, being a high yield mast crop, can only be planted two out of every three years. My plan is to have three plots that will have the turnips in them and rotate them and plant winter rye in the off year. I hope everyone had a good hunting season, winter and found your gear in working shape this spring!

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