planting feed corn...

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Re: planting feed corn...

Postby ranwin33 » Fri Sep 30, 2011 7:05 am

msbadger wrote:ranwin your correct...thank God someone understands me....LOL ....just the corn they sell as feed....I started this experiment a few years back....and have progressively gotten better at it....all I really wanted when starting out was a screen against road hunters....I can't tell you how well this has worked out...especially for our turkey......Mr B. came home last night to a flock of 10 toms and jakes sneaking out of the front garden to cross over to the pasture...his truck scared them back towards the house and woods...This is a new flock for I've not seen them..... but do have pics and sightings of 3 other hen and poult flocks....Next year I'm planting Sun Hemp

Something else you might consider for a screen is Egyptian Wheat. We used it one year but had some farmers complain because they thought it was shatter cane (related but not the same). We did not plant it again and it did not come back like shatter cane would have.

But it would be tough to beat the cost of feed corn as a food plot seed from an economic perspective at what is the going price now, $10 or $11 a 50 pound sack?
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