What is the best way to unload your crossbow?

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RE: What is the best way to unload your crossbow?

Postby Legnip » Sun Sep 27, 2009 11:39 am

Use a rope cocker. This is what Excalibur recommends. They even has a video on their web site. I tried it and I'm sold on doing it this way from now on.
P.S.: In total disclosure I just bought an Excalibur and I'm loving it.
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Re: RE: What is the best way to unload your crossbow?

Postby kellory » Thu Sep 22, 2011 7:07 pm

deerhunter125 wrote:when ever i get done hunting i just leave my crossbow cocked and then when i go out the next night i am ready to go. it doesnt hurt it at all.

Absolutely false. All materials fatigue.I have never heard of a bow or crossbow that could be left cocked. Leaving your bow cocked, will lessen it power, stress all of the components more, and has it's dangers. Bows and crossbows are designed right to the edge of failure. If they make them stronger, it makes them slower, because there is less whip action to the limb. That is why if you dry fire it, it can break the limb. That's simple physics. Here is another simple fact, if you cock your bow by hand (as I do) You can un-cock your bow by hand. It is exactly the same force in reverse. I Always uncock/unload by hand. One handed actually. remove the bolt, ground the front of the crossbow( foot in stirrup) , release the safety, take a firm grip on the string on the left side of the rail (as I am using my left hand) and pull the trigger with my right. There is no danger to it. It is easy, safe, and cost you nothing. My crossbow is the Barrnett Demon compound, my last one was Barnett RX-280.recurve. Both #150lbs Same procedure with both. If it makes you feel safer, there is an add on cocking winch with a crank, you can use it in reverse to uncock/unload it if you wish.You can also spend money to buy two piece bolts made just for unloading. (waste of money IMO) However, I have no issues what so ever with unloading by hand. I do it every hunt, and every practice. ;)
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