2013 QDMA Whitetail report

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2013 QDMA Whitetail report

Postby Sailfish » Fri Mar 29, 2013 8:44 am

I compiled this data from the 2013 QDMA whitetail report.
I took just Florida statistics and compared them to other states across the nation and the Southeast as I could.

You can go to the QDMA website if you'd like to read the full report.

2013 whitetail report

(The numbers cited do not include the 2012-2013)

Florida saw a reduction of 14% in 1.5 year and older antlered deer killed from 2010 (102,862) to 2011 (88,912). Based on total area (including water bodies) it equated to 1.7 bucks killed per square mile(psm).

Texas was number one at 309,207 killed, Michigan was second at 212,791.
There were 2.8 million antlered deer killed nationwide

South Carolina had the largest number of bucks killed psm at 3.6
1.7 psm was the national average

For antlerless kills, Florida saw the largest decrease in the Southeast from the 2010 (75,683) to 2011 (47,276) season at 38%! Based on total area that equals 0.9 antlerless psm. The buck to doe kill ration was double for 2011, or 0.5 antlerless to antlered.

Our neighbor (Georgia) just to the north led the nation with antlerless kills at 277,961, followed by Texas at 265,601.
There were 3.4 million antlerless deer killed nationwide

PSM antlerless kills was led by Maryland at 6.3 psm (Georgia was 3rd at 4.8 psm)

Georgia had the largest antlerless to antlered kill % at 3.5 antlerless per antlered.
1.7 psm (antlerless-antlered) was the national average

The top threats to deer management programs is (reported by wildlife agencies) hunter/land access(by far number 1 issue for all regions of the US), landscape/habitat change political influences, loss of hunters, disease

Florida does not report the number of kills on farmer “depredation/damage tags”. Of the 25 states that do, the number of total (antlered, antlerless,buck fawns) was @ 66,000. Quite a low number overall.

Florida reported 14,000 deer/vehicle accidents in the 2011-2012 season. That was up 14% from 2007-2011, and up 29% from 2003.
Pennsylvania led the nation at 115,000! Michigan and New York followed.

The deer-vehicle accidents per road mile(DVA/RM) for Florida calculates to a very low 0.05 DVA/RM (one of the nations lowest).
Maryland led the nation at .5 DVA/RM, followed by Pennsylvania. West Virgina was 5th at .38 DVA/RM

Across the Midwest, Northeast, and Southeast regions motorists hit over 1.1 million deer in 2011-12; that’s 33% of the hunting season harvest!! (Florida’s RVA/RM was 10% of our 2011-12 harvest)

Florida had no reported cases of CWD.
Florida was one of 31 states that did report hemorrhagic disease.

From 2006-2011 hunting participation increased 9% across the nation. This trend is the first since 1975!!
This means that approx. 13.7 million people 16 years and older hunted n 2011 (6% of the US population)
Mississippi led the Southeast at a 59% increase since 2011, followed by Alabama (37%) and South Carolina (22%)
Florida saw a modest 3% increase over the same 5 year period (2006-2011)

The Midwest led the nation in total hunters, followed by the Southeast then the Northeast.
Individually, Texas led the nation in number of hunters for 2011 at 1,147,000 followed by Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Florida had 242,000

Pennsylvania led the nation in 2011 for hunters/sq mile at 20.3. Rhode Island and New York followed
Florida came in at 4.7 hunters per sq mi in 2011

More acres of corn acres were planted across the nation than in the past 75 years!
Iowa led the nation at 14,000,000 planted. Florida had 70,000
Iowa also led the nation in soybean planted acres at 9,500,000. Florida had 25,000

Florida led the Southeastern states for deer breeding facilities (number 6 in the nation) and second for shooting preserves (number 3 in the nation).
In the Midwest they do not allow co-mingling of deer between breeding facilities and shooting preserves. The Northeast doesn’t allow either except Virgina, they allow comingling between shooting preserves.
In the Souteast, Florida is one of three states that allow co-mingling between both.

Southeastern states include:
North Carolina
South Carolina
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