2011+ Florida Rut Map

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2011+ Florida Rut Map

Postby Sailfish » Thu Oct 04, 2012 9:00 am

After an extensive study and input from hunters, FL tweaked the regional rut maps to be closer to what is happening.

I know a few years back they had my area as Nov/Dec. but clearly in our corridor that wasn't the case.
They have revised ours to jan/feb(red X). Which is much closer. I had a new fawn on my camera a few weeks back and another fat doe, waiting to drop.

If your not familiar with our region, look how a nov rut is one county from a Feb rut.........amazing.
Actually, if I recall, Ben or Dan just came down here for the swamp rut south of me. Can you imagine? Rut in July/Aug in the glades...............wonder how he did?

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