Any unwanted meat?

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Any unwanted meat?

Postby rhagequit » Mon Nov 18, 2013 5:58 pm

Hello! I am somewhat new here. My husband and I hunt once a year and most times we bring home 1, maybe 2 deer. While these deer are good for us, they provide little for our dog, cat and any future dogs/cats we adopt. We feed our dog/cat a diet called Prey Model Raw. They eat raw bone, meat and organ. They've been thriving on it since we made the switch.

We'd like to do y'all a favor. If you've run our of freezer space, have scraps, pieces you won't eat or you are cleaning out our freezers. Just give me a PM or comment on this thread and we'll haul it away! You won't have to toss them out and waste them. They'll go to feed our dog and cat(who have allergies to ingredients used in kibbles)

I am located in the Orlando/Rosemonte area, but I am willing to travel.

Happy Hunting!

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