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Check this out.

Postby Sailfish » Fri Apr 18, 2014 10:31 am

Hey guys, this is a buddy of mine here in the Tampa area. He started a FB page for regular guys like us (recreational outdoorsman) who don't have a large voice in the recreational fisheries. Its not for money, he's not selling anything at all! But if you are a recreational fisherman and you have concerns about the direction our fisheries are heading (and currently), Capt Bob works tirelessly on this effort.
He's a regular Joe like us, He sits on committees for the recreational fisheries as well.
This page is being set up for one stop shopping for us so to speak. Information on what we can do to get involved, where to go, contacting our elected officials, fisheries meetings, current bag limits proposals, etc.
We are facing a tremendous battle to have access to fish, the ability to keep fish, reduced days on the water, our bag limits given to commercial entities, it just keeps growing. NOAA is chipping away at us piece by piece. As individuals we don't have as a powerful voice as EDF, Ocean Conservancy, Wal-mart, Commercial fisherman lobbyists, et al however, if we can unite together we can send a powerful message to Washington.
Like I said, he's not pushing anything other than information and hoping to get more of us involved and becoming a powerful, united voice.

Check it out, like the page, invite your pals

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