Upper Hillsborough 12/6 archery report

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Upper Hillsborough 12/6 archery report

Postby Sailfish » Mon Dec 08, 2008 3:38 am

Well we had the first archery for this WMA archery hunt this year.
I was a little leery knowing that they had 150 permits for it but soon realized hardly any of them showed up.

We didn't have a chance to scout, but looked at some aerials and maps and decided to go as deep and as far as we could to reduce hunters.

We kicked up a deer while scouting stand sites in the early a.m. but no sign of hogs or turkey.

My stand was 1.26 miles from the truck, my buddies was 1.25 but we were 1/2 mile apart.

We sat the evening. No deer or hog.

Walking out that night we are pretty sure we kicked up two young bears (not verified, but they crashed through the palmettos like I have never heard anything) I turned on a light and looked out about 40 feet at something looking back at me. Looked like predator eyes to me (close together). That was our only excitement.

Second morning, saw or heard nothing. We packed up our stand in the afternoon and attempted to spot and stalk for hog (or deer if it happened).
We saw one hog too far to shoot.

Over two days we talked to many hunters. They reported seeing no deer, hog or turkey. The weekend total for all hunters when we left Sunday ------- 1 hog!!!!!

I imagine the whole month of November (weekends only) being blackpowder had nothing to do with it [:@]

Why this WMA has a month of any firearms before archery is beyond me.

Oh well, it is close to my home and I did find a very nice, remote locale, loaded with buck sign in case I get BP next year there!
"Go as far as you can see; when you get there, you'll be able to see farther."

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