New Scope, see through rings, iron sights

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New Scope, see through rings, iron sights

Postby schmidty2009 » Mon Jul 08, 2013 9:33 pm


Have a dilemma and google isn't helping me very much. Recently bought a new scope for my rifle (Sportsman 78 composite) My old scope was mounted on Weaver see-through rings that were directly mounted to the gun. I couldn't get the scope back far enough for proper eye relief, so in order to shoot (and see through the scope) I would have to stretch out my neck to bring my eye closer, not very comfortable, and I compromised stability too. Also, with the new scope and caps I bought, my view of the top of my iron sights was blocked on the old mounts.

So, after buying my new scope, I bought new mounts. A one piece weaver style base, and some see-through rings. I can get the scope back to where I need it now thanks to the multiple slots in the base, but now I can barely see the top of my rear iron sight above the base. So I'm asking for some advice.

The scope is a 3-9x40mm. The area I'll be hunting in, I would rarely be making a shot over 100 yards (in fact I've only ever made 1 shot at over 100 yards). Obviously my goal is to be able to use my iron sights in the event I need to make a close shot.

What would you do in this situation?
Should I compromise eye relief comfort for use of my iron sights and go back to the old rings?
Is there a way to adjust or shim the iron sights so I can align them with the new base/rings on?
Should I forget the iron sights and see-through rings and just mount my scope with standard rings?

Thanks for any input, I certainly appreciate it.

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