Nikon Monarch explained

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Nikon Monarch explained

Postby Sailfish » Tue Dec 31, 2013 3:27 pm

In case you are looking at the atb 3, 5, 7 series.
This should sum it all up

The original 8x42 (#7430), 10x42 (#7432) and 12x42 (#7437) Monarch ATBs were released in 2002 as replacements for the 40mm models of Monarch. These Monarch ATBs were eventually succeeded in 2010 by a model with a dielectric high-reflective multi-layer prism coating which made this new version project a brighter image than previous models. It also came in 8x42 (#7294), 10x42 (#7295), 12x42 (#7296), 8x42 Camo (#7297), 10x42 Camo (#7298) and 12x42 Camo (#7299).

In 2012 this model became the Monarch 5 ATB and featured an improved eyecup assembly that was stronger and moved in discrete increments instead of a continuous motion like the previous models. The Monarch 5 ATBs came in the following configurations: 8x42 (#7542), 10x42 (#7543), 12x42 (#7544), 8x42 Camo (#7545), 10x42 Camo (#7546) and 12x42 Camo (#7547).

This year also saw the release of the Monarch 3 and Monarch 7 ATBs. The Monarch 3 ATB is equivalent to the older Monarch ATB models that don't have the dielectric phase correction coating on the prisms: 8x42 (#7540), 10x42 (#7541), 8x42 Camo (#7542) and 10x42 Camo (#7543). The Monarch 7 ATB has the dielectric phase correction coating on its prism as well as Extra-low Dispersion (ED) Glass and a wider field of view when compared to Monarch 5 and 3 ATBs of similar magnification: 8x42 (#7548) and 10x42 (#7549).

In March of 2013 Nikon announced that the Monarch 5 ATB was going to now include ED glass as well as it would come with improved objective lens caps. The previous version was discontinued as this newer model with ED glass the the style that is currently manufactured by Nikon today: 8x42 (#7576), 10x42 (#7577) and 12x42 (#7578).
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Re: Nikon Monarch explained

Postby avin_111 » Sun Mar 01, 2015 10:00 pm

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