Lots of questions on location...

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RE: Lots of questions on location...

Postby jsjandro » Fri Jan 08, 2010 3:49 pm

a little late in season to help but ill just say this much. look at that ariel map close. go to every spot where there is a funnel and find the sign or trail there. look at the second map. north of your brother there is a narrow strip that if you say sat in the middle mabee you'd see to the edge each way east and west, that would be the first place id look since it connects big timber to a river way, which waterways usually are unbroken cover along their routes. if you sat there, id approach accordingly and beat your bro there and use him as a pusher!
where you set up in that narrow strip at the intersection is great!
also, try the river way if you can. not sure whats farther north but again look for pinch points connecting things and set up there.
if this is your land, i strongly would consider creating a sancuary in the middle with brush piles and hinge cut conifers and stay out and guard its funnels.
for the other prop, the cedars might be a bedding area if its as thick as you advertised but if trappers are visiting it daily for yotes of coons the deer will pattern them and avoid them so talk to the trapper and work something out. i would strongly consider sitting there opener in the conif island of thick cover if its secluded. go in real early and stay all day. hell, stay all day in a funnel or a bedding stand rifle season IS my never fail stategy - yes, dead deer every year no fail. but scouting is key so use your noggin and put pressure into your equation every time and NEVER forget that that factor alone sepparates bow season normal deer and gun season run for it deer.  you will succeed!
only if we had antler point restrictions...:(

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RE: Lots of questions on location...

Postby GTOHunter » Sat Jan 09, 2010 6:33 am

I would do some scouting in the woods along the River...thats going to be a very good area for the Deer to travel through the woods to keep hidden,I bet you would see even more Deer there because the deer will be traveling the large woods where your Brother is hunting or passing by by following the woods along the river to stay out of site.Be sure to try and stay as scent-free as possible when Hunting during Rilfe Season as well as if your Hunting with a Bow.Some food plots along those fields or woods edges would really help in seeing those stubborn Deer that otherwise wouldn't come out!If you get any snow there thats a good time to really see where the majority of Deer travel and hide!Glad to see you got a nice Doe...Congratulations!

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RE: Lots of questions on location...

Postby SwampLife » Tue Jan 19, 2010 5:42 pm


If you get any snow there thats a good time to really see where the majority of Deer travel and hide!


i learned more about how the deer use the two farms i hunt in Pa in half a day after a heavy snow than i had the past few seasons combined.(im not usually up there when they get a good snow.)

congrats and GL
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RE: Lots of questions on location...

Postby scotman » Tue Jan 19, 2010 6:54 pm

When I have a hard time finding deer I hunt natural bottlenecks. Deer are easy going animals and will take advantage of natural bottlenecks every chance they get. Whether it be a low dip in a steep ravine to a farmer fence line wire that is down. Just pay attention to the lay of the land and were ever you find the easiest walking deer will too. Not saying they run fields either but I am talking wooded terrain. The best bet would be to get a topo of your hunting area and start fleshing out bottlenecks.

The reason I say topo map is because an aerial photo is just good but when using both of them together you can really get a better sense of where the deer head and why they head their. If you need a hand understanding a topo map hit me up and I can explain it as best I can.

Here is kinda what I mean this is a estimated deer trail in my area..you can see how the deer are using the lower ridge then going up ravine then exiting the ravine in the low dip at the top of it.


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