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Postby FindmeOutside » Fri Oct 26, 2012 10:53 am

Great advice guys. I like that you are disecting your property this way, this gives you a major advantage at bagging a deer this year for sure! I played with your map a bit to give you a better idea of what's going on around you. I think I could make out that creek that was mentioned so I highlit it in blue, that is a very important area where the deer will not only drink but work rub lines up and down the side even scrapes. The way I marked your map is for setting up for a typical northwest wind swooping down. Stand number 3 would be my hotspot but I would make sure only to hunt it on perfect days and not too often, you don't want your scent to take over the area or really even be present. This stand would be best hunted after rains and early mornings. Moving on to stand number 2, this stand appears to be close to what could be a bedding area, keep in mind without being able to see the 3d view or the land itself this is the best possible way I can break it down. Being close to a bedding area of course you have to wait on the perfect winds to hunt this spot. Get in extra early 20 to 30 mins earlier than normal and leave later approx. same 20-30 mins. By doing this you increasing your chances of not being busted, while the deer are feeding in the nearby fields you are getting settled in and will be waiting on them to head to the bedding area. Stand number 1 is a great spot also, not much around it and is heavily covered or appears to be, each of these stands can obviously be shifted to suit the terrain in any direction but these are a few general areas I would try for sure. Number 1 should be best during the rut and possibly evening hunts catching the deer on their way to feed. Now for your question about the trails.........I will tell you in advance that every area is different and all deer respond different to different pressures. With that said I have personally built a permanent stand during the season on a rainy day, hunted out of it and killed out of it the next week. Deer by nature are somewhat curious animals, I know this from observing them for countless days and hours, if you open up a area or turn the ground over they will inspect it at some point, typically at night when they know they are safe. The guys are right though if you are looking at chasing after the biggest deer there you do not want to be in there messing around any during the season, between July and mid-September is when you want to have everything done for that season coming up typically. Allow the deer at least half a month to adjust to any changes in the area and become comfortable again. With you going after your first deer throphy hunting isn't really a priority right now so if you are in fact in thick heavy cover I would say yes cut a trail or two and the deer will be using them. You can also pile up dead branches and debris to force them into a pinch-point area. When cutting keep in mind not to go too extreme, you don't want the place looking like something brand new or being really different......also don't cut too close to your stands, I usually walk at least 15 paces out from my stand before starting any kind of lane through the cover. If you decide to do this wait for a rainy or extremely windy day, take a limb saw or hand saw - no chain saw unless they are commonly used in the area, and only cut small amounts. Keep us posted on how things go for ya and good luck!
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