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Postby 1Morgan » Sat Sep 26, 2009 8:01 am

The rain just started and it looks like its going to be here all afternoon/evening. Should I hit the stand now or wait a while?
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RE: Rain?

Postby OHhunter » Sat Sep 26, 2009 8:27 am

I'm headed out in the next 20 min or so, heavy rain all day. Has turned into a pretty light drizzle now. I'll hunt in light rain but normally avoid going out in the heavy stuff.



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RE: Rain?

Postby Whitetailaddict » Sat Sep 26, 2009 9:24 am

I love hunting in the rain, and will be out there in a heart beat if it's raining. and I love how you can ghost through the woods. also if i'm going to put up a stand or doing some in season scouting i want it to be raining or having just rained because it's way quieter, your scent gets washed away and you don't spook as many deer. deer move really well in a light rain and just after a rain too. i love it.

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RE: Rain?

Postby postman » Sat Sep 26, 2009 2:04 pm

Rain is the best time to still hunt.
It's better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

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RE: Rain?

Postby Woods Walker » Sat Sep 26, 2009 5:46 pm

ORIGINAL: postman

Rain is the best time to still hunt.

Yup! Their senses of hearing, sight, AND smell are compromised. It's tough with the bow, but during gun season I don't miss a second of hunting on a rainy day. Or WIND for that matter. Wind has the added advantage of concentrating the deer in a wind sheltered area, thus eliminating a lot of the potential area that you'd normally find them in.
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RE: Rain?

Postby Ohio farms » Sat Sep 26, 2009 6:03 pm

I tend not to bow hunt in the rain. Difficult to follow a blood trail. Ohio bow season is 4 months long.  No need to hunt in the rain.

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RE: Rain?

Postby msbadger » Sun Sep 27, 2009 3:05 am

This year in one of my lrg brushed in deer blinds I put a lrg umbrella...I pounded in a post and camo painted the blk and green material and then zip tied it to the post...now when I go out in the rain.... waiting for it to easy up before I'll actually think of shooting ...during bow.... I can stay dry...in the snow...I wont end up covered and colder...I've gotten some nice buck right before and right after a good rain...I love foggy days too...for bow

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