I'm pretty much all set....

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I'm pretty much all set....

Postby msbadger » Thu Sep 24, 2009 12:24 pm

Oct 17th is closing in and I'm pretty much set....

I bought and filled in the posted signs for new property[:D]
Today I finished 3 more scent warmers..so easy to make

1.) wash and dry one bumblebee tune can and one reg sized canned veg can...kidney beans or green been can.
2.) put a round of blue painters tape or masking tape on bottom of tuna can...turn open end down and spray paint mat brown
3.) take veggy can and with tin snips or wire cutters cut 4 evenly spaced 1in. tabs out of top...these you can fold to inside...then punch even spaced holes around bottom 1in up and around the middle...turn up side down and paint.

The tuna can will fit perfact on top of veggy can...I place a vanilla scented candle sometimes hazel nut inside of the can and light it and the scent in the tuna can.....when bear hunting I place honey in one burner( checked with ECO and he gave the OK on honey burns of this size) and anise oil in the other...the candle will cause a slow honey burn and warm the anise oil up until it's gone. For deer l will put vanilla oil  and either a berry or apple scent....the can contains the candle for fire safety ....stumps are good places to put them or a little bare ground...

All gear is checked and the tow ropes are at each stand...just need to wash a few things and air out the new decoy...couple of camp things to be done tomorrow...really want to go sit one morning and evening but hate to tempt fate......

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RE: I'm pretty much all set....

Postby msbadger » Fri Sep 25, 2009 12:13 pm

Just got back from camp...OMG is it possible to be this sore and stiff?....I could barely get out of the van
 I mowed a 4wheeler wide path through 5ft high golden rod...buckthorn and wild rose....I went thru about 8ft of heavy string line....The trail I made winds down the hill and then I opened up a lrg area for dad to see the deer and get clear shots...1/2 mile of trail...going down was easy..think I ruptured something in my skull coming back up ..WOW what a head ache I have...I piled a bunch of tree limbs I cut this spring to thin out the apples...only got half of what I need to do down there done.... will return in a few days....I see that if things are to be done down there I'll have to do it alone in the spring...I found some super stand sites and as long as I make the stands really tall Our son and I will be the only ones using them....I know that sounds bad ...but a bunch of guys go to camp and hunt and it shouldn't be just Mr.B...our son one friend and I that do all the work....Any of you have that kind of problem?...theres one guy that was uninvited...he'd come down and bring food for just himself to eat and leave it locked in his vehical...then eat what we all had brought down...[&o]...actually it's almost funny..another uninvited...wouldn't bath for a week solid ...holy cow his feet !!!!!...then on his last day would go in and take a shower.[&:]....lol  man....Camp can be very fun...but I love my land at home [:)]

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RE: I'm pretty much all set....

Postby John1961 » Sun Sep 27, 2009 3:01 am

Mrs. B sounds like you should be a guide. LOL You have thins under control. Good Luck
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