Farm Land Hunting Advice Please!

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RE: Farm Land Hunting Advice Please!

Postby MI_bowhunter » Tue Sep 22, 2009 2:45 am

Thanks Blake.  I did get set up over the weekend, but now exactly where I had intended.  It turns out the land owners son is also hunting out there (not an experienced hunter).  He placed a stand near the inside corner of the creek, probably because it's a shorter walk more than anything.  Also, there is a big home-made ladder stand in the middle cross-roads area.  Seeing this, I headed all the way to the northern tip and set up a beautiful spot there.  There are heavy runs coming out the north side of the bedding area into the corn (which is west of where I set up).  Also, one heavy run between the two wood sections I'm set up over, running north south.  There are a huge set of tracks walking the edge of the tree line.  I'm excited to get out there!!!  Great cover in this tree...just seems perfect.
My only internal debate is when to hunt it.  Do you recommend hunting it while the corn is up?  Wait until run starts kicking in?  Or hunt it opening weekend?!?  I fear is that Mr. Big could be anywhere in the corn...and I don't want him to wind me. 

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Blake Dandurand
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RE: Farm Land Hunting Advice Please!

Postby Blake Dandurand » Fri Sep 25, 2009 9:48 am

This part sucks, haha. I have been busted quit a few time slipping into a stand surrounded by corn. Everytime though i had actually been within five yards of the deer when they busted, talk about a heartattack! its tough cuz you cant see them, and they could be anywhere. Although its great hunting with the standing corn around to provide the deer with security. If there is a substantial amount of traffic in the area early like now, and its a good travel corridor between food and bedding, I say go in.
But dont go in carelessly, watch and use the wind. and slip in unnoticed. some of my best hunting has come from doing this early in the year. Although this is an amazing place to sit for bucks who are locked down with a hot doe. they love to run the downwind side of the bedding also checking for hot does. So if you want to save it for the rut too, go for it. Its all mostly how you want to hunt. I just love being out there, so i just go out, use the best strategies possible, and enjoy what God gives me out there. But you got an awesome spot there, and the best of luck to ya this fall!!!
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