Gun Hunting - Where do you aim?

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Re: Gun Hunting - Where do you aim?

Postby rthomas4 » Sun Feb 16, 2014 12:49 pm

When I put that .308 bullet in the neck, they're dead before they hit the tracking needed. I can't afford to shoot a deer and have to trail it into the swamp or a beaver pond where it can disappear. Occasionally if I don't have a neck shot I'll take a shoulder shot, but it's not my favorite.........and thankfully I have a Jack Russell that's a damn good blood tracking dog if I do have to trail one.
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Re: Gun Hunting - Where do you aim?

Postby Doggtown31LCC » Thu Jan 08, 2015 8:40 pm

most cases I aim for heart/lung, 2 seasons (nov12) ago I shot an 8pt, he was standing broadside from my stand but my seat did not swivel so I had to kinda sit up to shoot, I hit him really low kind of in lower front of chest, found blood and white hair and eventually jumped him up and got another shot in him in the rear, it was late so I had to find him the next day. I put a swivel office chair in that stand now so that wont happen again. I killed a 10 pt. last season (nov13), I was walking down a road and we were facing other bout 20 yds so I shot him in neck and he dropped right there, this last season (nov14) I shot an 8pt in the rear as he was running away from me, very close and he fell right there, this last season I started using hornady sst for my .270, they seem to do a lot of damage. I usually don't buy the higher priced shells but I got those when we went through the ammo crisis of 2013 and that was cheapest I could find.

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Re: Gun Hunting - Where do you aim?

Postby Kanes1298 » Thu Mar 05, 2015 9:17 am

I still shoulder shoot although I have taken a couple neck shots. Its my experience that I haven't wasted that much more meat by shooting behind the shoulder and I would rather take out some vital organs than rellying on hitting a vein, but I agree the deer I shot in the neck did go right down
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Re: Gun Hunting - Where do you aim?

Postby stinger » Tue Sep 15, 2015 9:56 am

Depends on the shot opportunity. I shot a great 8 pointer in VA - my first deer. Had to be a neck shot. He dropped, shook his head and died. Very clean field dressing experience, by the way.

Most of the 40+ deer that I have shot have been in the traditional sense (heart/lungs). Depending on ammo, good results. I have had deer run 50-100 yards. Messy clean up.

I have friends (older guys that have taken 100+ deer) that swear by the headshot. <--- I say it is too risky. However, it is the most humane way of shooting a deer, but only if you shoot perfectly. 3 inches either way and you have a horrendous situation on your hands.

Whichever shot I take, I want a dead deer as quickly and humanely as possible.
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