being still

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RE: being still

Postby SwampFox » Wed Sep 09, 2009 4:00 am

Well it wasnt with a whitetail but I've had a few small birds land on me or perch on my gun barell.  Had a squirrel climb up my arm once on a hog hunt and continue up the tree without noticing me.  Conformation I was well hidden I guess.

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RE: being still

Postby cutngut85 » Wed Sep 09, 2009 6:30 am

I have had 2 close actually being quite dangerous. The first happened 2 years ago, I was in a ladder stand and a group of about 12 does came walking by. Not only did they walk right under the stand, but 2 of them actually licked the ladder rungs! I waited almost 45 minutes past dark and they were still there. I had to shake the stand from above for them to scatter away.
The next encounter is actually pretty unbelievable. It was shotgun season last year and my buddy and I were hunting and the way our stands are positioned, when one of us is in the back stand, we get out first and walk towards the other stand location. That guy is waiting posted up on a ridgeline. We had deer in the past move through this area when we would walk from the back stand, so now we got smart and decided to try this approach. Anyway, my buddy started walking and I posted up. A few minutes waiting for him and 2 does come running down the hill, with a 3.5 year old wide, thick horned 5 point buck behind them. I raise the shotgun and hit him. I pump the gun to put another one in him and as I raise my gun, the two does ran right past me, one of them hitting my arm. This caused me to spin and I shot at the ground. I pumped agin to finish the buck off, and then I realized that I actually could have shot my foot off! To this day, I have to thank God for watching over me. If one of those deer were a buck, I would have definitely been hurting, or worse. If the doe hit me in another area, something worse could have happened, etc... Kind of a funny story now, but it was one hell of an experience.  


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