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Skinner Creek Stalkr
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RE: Public Land Hunting Tip

Postby Skinner Creek Stalkr » Sat Sep 05, 2009 4:10 pm

I grew up on a northern WI farm and enjoy a few weeks of undisturbed bow hunting at the beginning of every season. However, as soon as October rolls around my relatives are crawling all over the place like its a jungle jim. This then leads my dad and I to the nearby 25,000 acres of county land. In this single tract the two of us and a few dedication others have taken many P&Y bucks. Five basic rules to our success:
1. Get away from other hunters. No sense in hunting were someone else is. They may be the best hunter in the woods but then again they might be the worst. No sense in chancing it.
2. Put on your walking boots. In most cases the further you get away from easy access the better you are. In my experience I have done the best for mature buck sightings during day light hours when I am 3/4 mile or further from easy access.
3. Sit all day if you can. However, not all of us are made to sit on our butts and be comfortable for 11 hours a day. In this case I love to hunt between 9:00 am and dark. This allows me to sleep in and catch the midday movement when other hunters are leaving their stands for lunch.
4. Hunt escape cover. This is especailly important during high pressured times of the year. Such as rifle season in WI. Reason are self explanatory.
5. Because most public land does not offer agriculture or high nutritional food sources in large amounts we must hunt other likely areas to find deer. Due to topography and terrain varying largely across this nation we must find one common factor. This would be to hunt in locations were three or more ecotones converge. These ares of changing cover are usually amazing places to locate game in large tracts of public land.
Hope my many years or public land hunting can help contribute to others successes.

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RE: Public Land Hunting Tip

Postby Demoderby4 » Sat Sep 05, 2009 7:33 pm

A few tips that are most important to me are...

Obsess about your scent prevention.
Know the land more than you know your back yard.
Find the food sources, i hunt in the agricultural capital or MI so food is plentiful where i am, you just have to know when and where the deer come out and get to your ambush point undetected and your in great shape for an exciting morning/night. These spots are within sights from roads too sometimes and bucks and does always come out like clock work. Getting away from the road and people is good, but others think the same thing so even though you may think someone might be near, they might not be near at the same time if that makes sense. And if your after big bucks these spots also, most the time lead to bedding area's and staging areas so the further back on the trail you go the better chances you have at tagging one of em considering they wait up for the does to signal if things are good to go in the fields.

Might be common knowledge but it has helped me at least see deer and thats all I really care about when I'm out there, a shot is just a blessing.
Matt Cain

Them Darned ol' deer.

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RE: Public Land Hunting Tip

Postby drvsarchryhnt » Mon Sep 07, 2009 5:30 pm

Thanks for sharing this great tips. I have been into finding some more hunting grounds which might have a perfect spots for doing great hunting activities. This would help me a lot in finding one.

Thanks!Great tips.


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