Do you cut your venison when frozen?

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Do you cut your venison when frozen?

Postby hunt4ever » Sun Aug 30, 2009 5:21 pm

I live in upstate NY and normally let my deer hang/cure for a week or so.  If it real warm, like in the 50's, I will do it after 3 days or so.  For about 3 years or so, I quarter the deer and than place it my freezer and let it freeze for a day or so and than I cut it with my band saw.  Frozen venison cuts real easy in a ban saw: ribs cage, front & hind qtrs., back straps, etc., etc. The meat cuts real clean and you can get the thickness desired for your steaks and roast. It is real slick just like a fireman sliding down a fire pole. Image Image CAUTION: Unless you like the taste of wood chips, make sure your saw is cleanImage  One draw back Image, I have NOT figured out an easy way to clean the saw up after cutting the meat.  Any tips on how I can easily clean the saw would be greatly appreciatedImage  Two years ago, I didn't do it for a couple of days, and I took a lot of heat from my wife on the way the cellar smelled.  I must admit that I enjoyed cleaning it up than even less, it was BAD.  Does any body else out there do it this wayImageImage  [size="4"]Tom Mac
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RE: Do you cut your venison when frozen?

Postby msbadger » Mon Aug 31, 2009 12:04 am

Can't address the band saw thing...we do'nt like cutting in to the bone or spine ...other than to remove the head hind quarters and legs...we have a butchers saw and stainless steel table....We do like to hang our deer in the cold months and it is usually semi frozen when cutting off the bone and cutting up...only way to cut jerky right...[;)].....and we have a frig just for deer season all selves removed and we can put 2 quartered deer in it if temps go above thats my bow frig...

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RE: Do you cut your venison when frozen?

Postby Woods Walker » Wed Sep 02, 2009 4:09 am

I've had numb fingers a lot of times, but never frozen. That'd make knife handling very difficult. [;)]
Seriously, living in northern Illinois, we have similar weather then, especially during gun season. I like to bone everything, so having it frozen is not in my game plan. I like to,let them hang for a good week also, and if I see that the extremedies are beginning to freeze, then I'll bring the deer into my garage to prevent that.
I do however, employ the use of frozen, or at least partially frozen, meat in some dishes that I make. If I want VERY thin sliced meat for BBQ, fajitas or whatever, I will let a piece of aleady butchered/wrapped meat thaw just slightly, and then with a sharp fillet knife, shave it off. Works great!
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