target shooting from your stand

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RE: target shooting from your stand

Postby ILBowhunter » Thu Jun 04, 2009 12:09 pm

During the off-season I don't have as much opportunity to shoot from elevated stands as I'd like.  Shortly before the season I make a point of going somewhat greater distance to a range that has an elevated platform.  But, during the bow season I usually carry a couple of arrows tipped with field points in my quiver.  After a long sit in the tree, I often pick out a leaf 20 yards out and shoot one of the arrows for the practice.  When I do I rub a bit of Border Crossing Deer-In-A-Stick on the arrow to cover the scent, since I have had deer walk by arrows that I have shot into the ground in the midst of a morning sit.

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RE: target shooting from your stand

Postby Woods Walker » Thu Jun 04, 2009 1:04 pm

That's a good idea, but if you swap those field points you carry with Judo points you will get a whole lot more versatility from them, and they're about impossible to lose if you shoot them from ground level.
I have the advantage of working from my home, so I can shoot a few arrows many times over the course of an average day. I will usually shoot 5 or 10 "form" arrows in my basement range first thing in the morning at extremely close range, where I don't aim at all, but just close my eyes and focus on my form.
Later on in the day I will grab my quiver and rove around in my back field and take random shots at whatever. I usually do this for 15 minutes or so, a couple of times a day.
When it gets close to hunting season, I will shoot just one Judo tipped arrow at one of the many empty plastic jugs I have hanging from trees in various parts of my yard. I will do this a dozen or so times a day. I also feel that this "one shot" drill is the best way to prepare for hunting.
But whatever I do, I always do my form practice, as it not only keeps your shooting mechanics sharp, but also you're muscles.
The funny thing is that most average bowhunters practice LEAST after the season starts, when it should be the opposite.
I once read a Fred Bear quote where he said, "Don't let the first arrow of the day you shoot be at an animal." I have always heeded this advice, and will always shoot an arrow (Judo point) at an object in camp before I head out, or at an object in the lights of my truck before I shut it off
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RE: target shooting from your stand

Postby DeerCamp » Thu Jun 04, 2009 2:39 pm

I agree....Sort of.. There have been times when Ill shoot from my stand, however not the tree I am going to hunt in. I dont like to bring any attention to my area I will be hunting, so what Ill do is go to a different area, hang my stand in the tree at the same height and shoot from there. This way there is no noise and Im not visitng my area to shoot and taking a chance on scaring a mature buck.
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