Look at our shooting

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Look at our shooting

Postby cunninghamww » Fri Jul 15, 2011 7:38 pm

and tell us who has better form...

http://www.thepathlesswoods.com/2011/07 ... -form.html

Trying to get polished off to whack some early season whitetails...

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Re: Look at our shooting

Postby Woods Walker » Fri Jul 22, 2011 8:08 pm

Welcome to the forum! It's good to see that you are both striving to be the best you can be with your choice of equipment.

Now....my .02 for what it's worth......

First archer: Overall good form. He seemed to grab the bow with his bow hand on SOME of the shots, but that could be camera angle too. The only other thing I could see (and that may be camera angle too), was that the draw hand seemed to move to the side a bit upon release. It should be coming straight back.

Second archer: Needs more follow through. His draw hand and and bow arm drop too soon after the shot. He should hold his form until well after the arrow has struck the target. He should maybe try "pushing" the bow arm away from him throughout the entire draw/anchor/sight/release/follow through sequence. This will force the back muscles to remain flexed, and will contribute to good, solid shooting form, and will decrease significantly the dreaded bow arm "collapse", after which EVERYTHING goes to hell. I know about the "collapse" all too well. It's a form issue I still work on after 43 years of being an archer!
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