Honest Trail Cam Reviews

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Honest Trail Cam Reviews

Postby Goose » Fri Jul 09, 2010 5:20 pm

I would like to start a couple of reviews on different cams. I will post some that I can think of, and if you would like some added, please let me know.
I would like to keep it honest and not get into the Hoyt vs Mathews type debates. Just whether you've had good luck or bad luck, and what you like or dis-like.
I personally am only going to comment on the cameras I or a close friend have used.
Hopefully this will become a good place to find honest reviews from fellow blue-collar hunters.

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RE: Honest Trail Cam Reviews

Postby extroverted » Wed Jul 14, 2010 5:58 pm

Totally honest cam reviews!!!
First things first hunting does not have to be an expensive adventure to enjoy what it has to offer, people are looking for reliability at a lower cost without breaking their budgets.

This being said I personally buy Wildview Digital and don't think I will ever buy anything different again. Don't get me wrong I have bought Remington, and timber eye, moultrie IR40 and now have a stealth version too.

Why Wildview?? For the cost of $55.00 I can get a digital cam with burst modes or video. They can take SD cards 2 GB and have an optional 12 volt battery hookup.
For my use I need as many units as I can to stay out for LONG periods at a time. So I have adapted them with external 12 volt battery and my version of a 5 Watt solar panel. All for the cost of $122.00 per camera and I leave them out all year without ever having to recharge or change batteries. All I do is change out the SD card every 6 months.

Now for the camera break down:
Someone needs to look into producing a camera that does not transmit a noise that a deer can hear and they can!!

The Remington cam has very grainy black and white pictures in the night IR mode,
And the battery life was 2 weeks tops.

The Timber Eye was the same, except for the first unit I had gotten it never worked and sent it back with a full return of money!!! At least this was a good thing.
I personally would never buy either of these units again!!!

The Wildview has a pretty bright flash 20' at best. Some of the $300.00 units go as far as 50' Wildview also has a super slow trigger speed, but does cover a wide range of yardage especially in the day light hours like at least 35 yards.

I have not used the Moultrie I40 yet, but because of the non existent 12 volt external attachment I can already see that it won't be a winner for my use.

However for the Stealth cam, it is currently being used and thus far has worked pretty good, showing great color pictures both day and night.

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