Trail Cam Pics by the Month

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Trail Cam Pics by the Month

Postby Wanderer » Thu Sep 24, 2009 11:31 am

I was going through a bunch of my old trail camera pictures(2006) today and deleting all but the very best of them to free up some disc space. I have two cameras that I keep out over feeders from February1 through Oct 15. This is on our lease in Sprott,Alabama and we don't feed during the hunting season (Oct 15 through Jan 31). The pictures were filed according to the month they were taken. For some reason, I get way more pictures in April than in any other month. I got 220 pictures in Feb, 298 in March, but 1026 in the month of April. The only other months that stand out are Sept with 634 and October with 600 (in 15 days). With 3653 pictures from one camera, nearly one third of them came in April.The other months range from a low of 167 in Aug, to 318 in May (when the camera was in the shop for 12 days. Anybody else seeing extra activity at certain times of the year? Anybody care to guess why April gets so much activity? Remember, this is in LA (lower Alabama) Fawns won't get dropped until August or September and green up probably occurs in late Feb and early March.

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