Vermont black bear!

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Vermont black bear!

Postby onthegroundoutdoors » Sun Sep 21, 2008 11:42 am

I have a great trail cam pic of a Vermont black bear. Please take a minute and follow the link to our blog   and check it out. Our hope is someone out there can give us an idea about the size and weight of this bear.
My nephew, Ethan, got this pic in late August on his family property in mid-state Vermont. There seems to be a lot of food in the woods, esp. beech nuts.
Thanks for checking out the pic, and please leave a comment.
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RE: Vermont black bear!

Postby coach » Tue Oct 21, 2008 4:23 pm

great bear,  looks pretty big.  I used to work for an Outfitter in Quebec Canada and I've seen alot of Black Bears.  This one would be one of the biggest. The biggest we've shot was just over 400 lbs.
One of the biggest Black Bear ever recorded in Ontario by the ministry, was over 700lbs and was hit by a truck driver in Northern Ontario, town call, Hearst. The pic you have....I would have to say maybe over 400 lbs live weight.
Its hard to tell.  Saying he's over 600 lbs is like saying a whitetail over 300 lbs. There is some out there...but rare.
Whatever he weighs....he's sure of a shooter.
Vermont is nice....I have well known family in Grand Isle.
Ottawa, Ontario

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