Plot watcher

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Plot watcher

Postby easports » Wed Sep 15, 2010 4:15 am

I've read a couple of posting indicating that some of you like the plot watcher camera. I think the concept of taking pictures of a large area to see what the deer are doing is a great idea. The downside to trail cameras is the restriction of distance…..if the game is not within 20 yards of the eye, you don't see anything. My concern with the plot watcher is the battery life. I thought it was ridicules that it only lasts 6 to 7 days. The area that I want to use it is 60 miles from my house. That's a lot of driving despite the fact that you're consistently walking the property to retrieve pictures.

FYI: I called the manufacture and they are developing a modification for the back of the unit to accommodate an auxiliary battery. If you're interested you can do it yourself. The understanding is you will extend the battery life to 3 weeks or more depending on the setting. You just need to removed the battery plate and bore a small hole to accommodate the wire from the auxiliary battery. The hole can be closed with silicone to keep it water tight. The battery can't be larger than 6 volts connected directly to the positive/negative section inside the camera. Now you also need a larger sd card…max that the camera will hold is 16gb.

Option two: Wait for the company to produce the modification and make it available for purchase.

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