deer sense of smell... mature vs. the immature

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RE: deer sense of smell... mature vs. the immature

Postby Randy3003 » Thu Apr 08, 2010 1:46 pm

I personally agree with METRX.  I'm 52 and have had a bow in my hands since 6  and a buck on the wall since 12.  Am addicted to the sport and the flavor of the harvested meat.  Although I'm now more into the hunt and less into the kill,  I still remember some of the blunders I made the day I first arrowed that deer, and in all actuality Know had that 6 pointer had more experience and less curiosity it may have been a while before I Acquired the taste for back straps.  And as my experience grew so did the amount of points.  All that being said I believe as deer experience human contact they naturally get wiser.  I believe, and it has been my experience that all deer have excellent sense of smell just some lack the experience to know what to do about the new found fragrance, and how much danger they're in.  AIM WELL, SHOOT STRAIT, AND ENJOY THE FLAVOR.


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