Vital information, and 2010 almanac

Vital Information is an educational resource from Deer & Deer Hunting. The CD contains hunting wisdom about shot placement, biology, physiology and ethics. How has it helped your hunt?
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Vital information, and 2010 almanac

Postby Buckman82 » Thu Oct 22, 2009 4:01 pm

"Vital Information"
A 3-D guide to deer physiology and shot placement.

I just recently received my copy of the "Vital Information" disc, and the 2010 Deer Hunter's Almanac, which I will speak on later. I immediately popped the cd into my laptop, and began to check out the information. I found the disc very useful. The first article in this disc, was by Dr. Phillip Bishop, and is titled Deer Blood. Mr. Bishop methodically, and very informatively teaches you many fascinating things about deer blood, trailing deer, and what to look for in blood while tracking your prized trophy. He also has an excerpt one the second page titled Warm Weather Blood Trailing in which he describes a hunt that took place in warm weather, which a lot of us bow hunters face every year. I found it very interesting, and teaches us to look for the not so obvious things when trailing deer. Things most of us would never notice. I also enjoyed his article titled The Incredible Deer Lung. It is an article that all responsible hunters, bow and gun, should read and learn from. There is also a Shot Placement section, which has several pictures and diagrams, of a whitetails anatomy. It is always good to stay informed and educated on the best places to shoot a deer, based on different shot opportunities. While most of us know where to shoot a deer, a refresher course can make the difference when a difficult shot presents itself, and we all owe it to this great animal to be educated on how to correctly shoot, and dispatch an animal. There are also sections on processing, and caping your trophy, deer hair identification, and excellent detailed diagrams on a deer's anatomy, and skeletal systems. The video clips, which show different shot angles you might face in the woods, are well explained, and then followed up by Mr. Dan Schmidt making an actual shot from his tree stand. These clips are educational, and will help all hunters, novice and veteran alike.
Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the Vital Information disc, and continue to go over it time and time again. It is a great educational tool, and would be a very useful tool to have in your home and hunting camp. Anyone who has young boys and girls, would benefit greatly from watching this great production. The disc was a no nonsense, informative product. Just what you have come to expect from the staff at Deer and Deer Hunting magazine.

Deer Hunter's Almanac 2010

I just recently received my copy of the 2010 Deer Hunter's Almanac, from the publishers of Deer and Deer Hunting magazine. Once again, they hit a home run. In the bottom left of the front cover, there is a red highlighted area, that reads this: The #1 source for Whitetail Information. I would have to agree. The first chapter is titled World of a Deer. It starts out with a section on the impacts that drought can have on your deer herd. This is a problem that all of us have faced, and will face again, in the future. There is a ton of useful information on what you can do to help your deer throughout a drought, and also how it will affect your herd in the long run. The Almanac is filled with great information, and will leave even the most skilled of hunters, more knowledgeable. Regardless of your weapon of choice, there is a section to help you become more proficient with it. There is a in-depth section on Archery hunting and equipment, Gun and Muzzleloader hunting. I found the eighth chapter, titled Whitetail Nation, very interesting and informative. It's always great to know the trends and harvests of other areas, to make our next hunting trip more successful, and enjoyable. It is a lot easier to hunt all day, and stay alert, when you are in an area you know has a reputation of big deer. My favorite chapter however, comes in Chapter 9. It is titled After the Shot. It tells you how to age deer by tooth wear, which is a necessity on any managed property. There are also sections of preparing your trophy for the taxidermist, how to do your own European skull mount, building an antler display, and many more. Basically everything you need to know to preserve your trophy for a lifetime. The almanac is a great read, and will leave all hunters with a greater knowledge of the animal we all love, and in turn, will help you be more successful. Pick up a copy, you will not be disappointed.

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RE: Vital information, and 2010 almanac

Postby DeerCamp » Fri Oct 23, 2009 6:52 am

I thought the articles in Vital Information were put together very well. I really enjoyed them and found the article Meant & Bones: How much meat is on one deer very instersting. It was very cool, to see how much meat I would be getting out of a deer. I thought the video's where very good, a little bit on the shorter side, but they had a LOT of good information in them. This CD is jam packed with a lot of information and I think that it is a very good CD for anyone to own.  Another article that I thought was put together very well was the Deer Hair Identification.It was neat to see the hair and say this is where th hit was. I really enjoyed the CD and will watch it over and over again. I think the only thing that I did not like was it was not a DVD, but thats fine, I can live with that.
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