Are you ready for firearms season

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Are you ready for firearms season

Postby eagle eye » Thu Oct 15, 2009 1:18 am

Firearms season opens this Saturday and i would like to hear how you prepare for a successful season.
Personally my preparation runs throughout the year
[ul][*]late December hunts[*]shed hunting in January February[*]Turkey preparation and hunting in March/ April/ May[*]move tree stands and scout for patterns in June/ July/ August[*]Bow hunting in September[*]Black powder in October[/ul]Many of the people I speak with do not treat dee Hunting as a year round activities but it can be. Through out the year I try to stay in the best possible physical shape so my heart rate can recover quickly when getting to a stand, stalking or just a monster sends my heart to 160

Additionally trying to shoot throughout the year, any weapon that your intending to use throughout the season, try to stay fine tuned with it

Hog hunting is a plus since this can be done throughout the season and with any weapon
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