Shed hunting

The popular off-season pastime is quickly becoming a sport itself. Help cure antler illness by sharing your shed hunting tactics.
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Shed hunting

Postby nickdeeranddeer » Mon Mar 29, 2010 9:28 pm

I am new to this forum! This is my first post....just wanted to share that I went shed hunting this last weekend in The Pineywoods of East Texas in Polk County and found 2 sheds! Both were 4points each but not a matching set. One was larger and the smaller one was I believe last years because it is covered pretty much with green junk on it! The bigger one I found hanging in a brushy/briar bush. So don't only look down...this taught me that leason. I also happen to find what I thought was a spike shed when I look down at it but discovered after picking it up it was a broken off antler....had no base. My husband found two sheds the weekend before laying just two feet from each other but were not a set. You could tell they weren't... one was a lot smaller and the bases were very different in size! I walked and walked but enjoy being in the woods so much....makes me want to be a deer! ha! ha! Only think is in this area this time of year things start to grow rather quickly and the deer trails you followed during the winter are becoming hard to see as deer also are not having to travel for food like they do in the winter but it sure makes it hard to get through the thicker part of the woods without the trails.

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