food plots

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food plots

Postby easports » Sun Mar 07, 2010 2:05 pm

[font="times new roman"]I'm looking for some advice regarding food plots.  I  have rights on two properties in Virginia: one is approx. 32 acres sandwiched between some residences and the other is approx. 57 acres in a hardwood mountainous area (now we are talking mountainous for VA).  [/font]
First thing:  I'm just in the process of doing a soil test and will send out the samples this week but the 32 acre property is flat, grassy with dense cover and small cedar trees.  Now I'm looking for something to plant to attract deer for the season and was looking at Bio-Logic bean and corn seed.  One good thing about this product it's roundup ready.  Once the corn and bean start growing and any grasses, I can spray roundup to kill the grass but it will not damage the plants….so they say.
Now in the other property the area is hilly with mature oaks but I still want to put in two plots there.  The problem is the soil is loaded with stones.  I've working on the property several times with a tiller and could not believe the stones coming out of that ground.  What do you thing will work in this area.
I'm limited to the number of laborers (me, myself & I) and occasionally my sons.  For the dad's with kids (if your 16 yr old is not busy chasing the other white tale and your 13 yr playing games with friends) you may get some work out of them.  I'm willing to put the time in so me and my boys can make the best of these hunting areas.
Let me know what you all think.

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