QDM Splinter Group?

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RE: QDM Splinter Group?

Postby hookset6969 » Thu Feb 18, 2010 6:39 pm

For me group's are great but when it come's to my hunting the last thing I want to do is open up my rule book and make sure all the criteria fit before I make a shot. For me the things I do around my place are just because I enjoy doing them if I didn't then I would just let mother nature take care of herself. When I go hunting I want to shoot whatever feel's right at that perticular time and what will make my son and the rest of the family smile while were processing in the garage. With all the other things to worry about in my life like making the property tax bill on the hunting land and the insurance payment, land payment, ect, I really don't want to have to make a big job out of hunting other than the work that I enjoy doing outside. I know from what I've seen happen around me and other people I know is that if we want to make hunting more enjoyable nock all the racks off the bucks and that will do away with all the jealousy which I feel starts half these battles in the first place. These hunting groups remind me of some of the people I go to church with. These people feel they are more saved than the next because they go 3 times a week and don't talk to the guy next door because he drinks beer ECT. Listen you don't have to go to church 3 times a week to be saved or lock yourself up from the general public or any other crazy thing nor do you have to do everything the guy next door is doing as far as QDM goes or any other crazy logo for that matter to be a good steward to the woods. I'm not bashing any group's but if the truth was know they all want to make the next guy feel the same as they do. Whats the old saying, Birds of the same feather flock together, And number's influence people on doing things that maybe he or she should not do at the time. As stated earlier all these rules and regulation's are fine but when the people around you don't practice then your kind of wizzing in the wind, Which brings me back to my earlier point do something because it make's you happy and fit's your life style not because the guy next door is doing it. Some people are happy just getting out to hunt a few times a year and shoot the breeze about life and I would think these would be some of the best camp's to be around because I know when we started the big push on scent control, deer size, etc things started going down hill and the fun was beginning to wear off in a hurry. I'm sad to say that I was the one who started all these practices and I'm hunting alone now, I look back and sometimes it bothers me and sometimes it don't because we were hunting my land and I felt these people didn't want to follow my wishes and couldn't understand why but now I know not everyone want's to make a job out of hunting . So for as far as the group's go for me anymore I'll just label myself as a hunter and a darn proud one and that will be good enough [:)]


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