Questioning Common Buck/Doe Ratio Beliefs

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RE: Questioning Common Buck/Doe Ratio Beliefs

Postby bowman12 » Tue Dec 22, 2009 9:54 am

For most hunters that own between 40 acres and 400 acres...It sounds like the best bet is to have a somewhat balanced herd to make sure the bucks are going to have enough nutrition to reach their potential and not have too many does they're going to breed themselves to death...but also have enough does around so the bucks from your land and neighbors land will be interested in your area during the rut...Is it possible to have both a balanced herd and alot of does during the rut? I really don't think it is, but I know that waiting to shoot your does until after the rut isn't a bad idea, those 1,2,3,4...or however many does you shoot might be the one that gives you a chance at that trophy.  


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