Suburban Deer Hunting

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Suburban Deer Hunting

Postby dl4655 » Thu Dec 17, 2009 1:55 am

I live in a suburb of Cleveland Ohio.  We have deer everywhere being surrounded by Metro Parks and National Parks.  Many of our communities have allowed for special permit archery hunts and my community is now considering it.  I am looking for published articles and studies that I might present to the city council that would bolster the argument that this would be the best thing for the herd, the communtiy, the tax payer and of cousre the hunter (the later is the easiest).  As well studied and read as the D&DH group is, I thought I would enlist your help in identifying some of the articles.  Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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RE: Suburban Deer Hunting

Postby ranwin33 » Thu Dec 17, 2009 4:19 am

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