Antler restrictions

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RE: Antler restrictions

Postby CB375HH » Tue Dec 21, 2010 3:08 pm

1.5 year bucks are the easiest deer in the woods to kill and 85-90 percent of them are smaller than 8 pointers. So APR's just give those bucks one more year and in southern MI a 2 year old can score 100-125. I have trailcam pics of 23 different bucks on our property only 6 of them have 4 points one side. Out of those 6 only 2 are 1.5 old. I wish we had a 4 point APR because  That would allow the 17 smaller bucks protection. Therefore more nice bucks in the woods. Alot of our neighbors try to only shoot 2+ year old bucks but we have some that shoot anything with horns. We have tons of deer so I dont understand why they dont just shoot a doe? I will email trailcams for proof if anyone questions my numbers.

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RE: Antler restrictions

Postby charlie 01 » Fri Dec 24, 2010 10:42 pm

Everyday Hunter, finally found info on Illinois, 5 pt. one side ruleing on some state public hunting areas. Sorry it took so long. With my time being short to look, and the fact that I'm not the greatest record keeper, I finally found it. Like I stated before, don't understand the reasoning on this one.

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You think 4 pts. or better is something, there were some public hunting areas here in Ill. that the buck had to have 5 pts or better on a side to take. Thats something to ponder. Can you imagine, getting up at 4 AM, going there, putting up a tree stand and have a giant 8 pt walk by close enough for an easy shot? I don't know if I could abide by that. Besides, I do a lot of shed hunting, and find some deer never get beyond 8 pts. I just can't figure their reasoning on the 5 pt rule. I'm not sure if this rule is still in effect, it started some years ago, and I haven't checked back on it. I don't mind the 4 pt or better on one side, thats doable. Although I have several 4&5 pt sheds that will fit in the palm of your hand. They are far from grown up deer. At one time, I read were there was talk of inside spread restrictions. Now that would bother me.

5 points or better to a side? Are you sure? I've never heard of that. Are you sure it's not 5 points total (3 x 2)? That would be the same as we have in Pennsylvania in 3-point areas, meaning 3 to a side.

I guess I'd just like to see where that is the rule. I looked through the Illinios Hunting & Trapping Digest, but couldn't find it.


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