Went to a QDM meeting last Saturday April 18

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Went to a QDM meeting last Saturday April 18

Postby fasteddie » Thu Apr 23, 2009 12:06 pm

About 40 to 50 folks showed up at the meeting in Italy Valley ( Between Potter & Naples NY ) . The QDM was started in the summer of 2007 with approximately 3400 acres in the QDM group . There is now 7400 acres involved plus more members .
The Italy Valley QDM has only had 2 hunting seasons so far and we keep track of the hours in the woods , game spotted , kills , etc .. The agreement was not to shoot any bucks under 14" wide spread . No one is policing the activity . A newbie doesn't have to abide by the 14" restriction . Hunters saw more and better bucks last year than the previous year . This coming fall should be even a bigger improvement .
Property owners have seen bear in the area . My son got some pics on his trail cam . There have also been Bobcat sightings and one of the members had gotten pics on his trailcam .
A person from the New York State Forestry Division spoke about logging , good forage , crappy forage , property improvement , etc .. He also talked about hinge cutting trees to give the deer forage and let light in for more growth .
Semper Fi !

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