Might buy my 1st ladder stand.

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Might buy my 1st ladder stand.

Postby 4khorn » Fri May 28, 2010 10:11 am

Looking into possibly getting a ladder stand to use this fall. So far, I have only hunted out of hang on stands and used climbing sticks for access. There is a tree that I would like to get a stand into but it is too big around for a my chain on stands. My options are to get a ladder stand for the tree or try to use a ratchet strap on my hang on. I know you can have success out of a ladder stand but I have a few concerns. First, the tree is a big oak that will not provide much cover. I worry that a ladder stand would be too noticeable. Also, most of them have arm rests. Since I only bowhunt, i worry that the arm rests will get in the way when drawing my bow. I appreciate your opinions regarding these issues as well as any other info regarding the use of ladder stands. Advantages/Disadvantages, how short is too short, ways to conceal them, how long before the season to put them up so deer can get used to them, stuff like that. Thanks a bunch!
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RE: Might buy my 1st ladder stand.

Postby GTOHunter » Sat Jun 05, 2010 4:45 pm

Some of the Big Dog ladder stands have the arm rest and some do not,for the most part in my opinion the arm rest aren't very high up on your body when your sitting down to really get in the way?Their stands are around 15 feet high or they may have the taller 20 foot stands also?For a better ladder stand the Rivers Edge is a lot nicer with a little bigger seat and platform and they are 17 foot tall with a fold up seat which is great for more room when Bow Hunting and they have the arm rest on them.Big Game ladder stands have several different makes and models of nice ladder stands also.....I would check the different ladder stands and see which one fits your needs the best!

Actually a Bigger Tree will help in hiding your body and if possible your level with a few decent size tree limbs to hide You a little more or give you some cover,if your Rifle Hunting some ladder stands have "Blind Kits" to help conceal You also.I have had great luck with ladder stands and if You set them back a little say in an open field behind 1 or 2 tree's it will give you great cover or close to a decent size Pine or Cedar Tree it will help to conceal You also.

I Bow Hunt on our Family Farm so I leave a few of my ladder stands up year round near open CRP Fields or close to Year round Food Plots,other times I try to set them out around 2-3 months ahead of time where I know the Deer travel and I try to set them where there is decent cover and I trim up my shooting lanes ahead of time as much as possible but try not to over do it because the leaves will start dropping in October.Where I Lease and Rifle Hunt I set my ladder stands and ground blind up around 1 month before the Season,then back out of there until the Nov. Rifle Season,most of the tree's I set my ladder stands on have been choosen 1 year or several months ahead of time and shooting lanes cut if needed ahead of time or even the year before so the Deer get use to any changes.

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RE: Might buy my 1st ladder stand.

Postby westmibow » Wed Aug 11, 2010 5:09 am

I hunt big dogs ladder stands. I always look for bigger trees it helps hide both your stand and you when your in it. Just try to have some cover whether its smaller trees or branches around you. What I did last season was cut a bunch of smaller sassafras (sp?) and lean them up against the stand and secure with twine or rope.

As for the armrests I actually stand when I see deer approaching or when its that majic hour. That way you can adjust easier and turn for basically any shot. Just make sure you feel concealed enough.

As for them being more noticable. Use them only as permanant stands and get them in early. I just finished my last one this past week. This will help them get used to seeing it.

I had plenty of luck while in them and maybe got busted twice last season. They are more comfy for longer sits. I really like them.

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