Quickstick XL

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Quickstick XL

Postby danesdad » Sun Sep 06, 2009 4:27 pm

I purchased the quick stick XL twenty foot climbing stick by Big Game Treestands last week. I put it together and took it to the woods to put it up a tree. I stood it up and attached the ratchet strap to the first section and strapped that tight to the tree. When I took a step up the ladder to tighten the second strap up, the bolt that holds the ladder part to the "U" bar (the part that touches the tree) sheared. Fortunately, I was only a foot off the ground at the time and was not injured by my short fall. I took it down, took it home and went to the hardware store and bought replacement bolts for the whole thing. Maybe I was just unlucky, but I just wanted potential buyers to be aware of this.

BTW, once I replaced the hardware, it worked great.

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