Cabala's Tripod stand?

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Cabala's Tripod stand?

Postby pnl0524 » Mon Aug 29, 2011 11:07 pm

About 5 years ago I purchased a 48" x 48" 15' tall tripod from Cabala's. I call them to purchase a camo skirt for it and they told me they no longer handle that tripod. The currant size is 36" x 36". I asked them for the manufactures name so I could contact them. They said they could not give me that information. Does anyone know who made that tripod or where I could buy a 48" x 48" camo skirt for this tripod? I made one last year. Not very nice looking.


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Re: Cabala's Tripod stand?

Postby kellory » Tue Aug 30, 2011 3:04 pm

Well, some news is better than no news. The current tripod stands at cabela's are Big Game. I cuntacted them to see if your stand was their product. Here is what followed: [Operator] Hello, how may I help you?
[Visitor] Cabela's sold a 15 foot tripod 48x48 now discontinued. was that your product?
[Visitor] They will not say.
[Operator] Do you have a name or model number?
[Visitor] No, it is for a friend online. He wants a skirt for it and cabela's carries only the 36 now.
[Operator] We dont currently have a 15 foot Tripod on our line and we have not discontinued a tripod recently. Without a name or model number it would be hard to say if it was one of our older stands.
[Visitor] I thought you might know what models you supplied to cabela's. This is a shot in the dark.
[Operator] Cablea's is one of our dealers however they are able to pick what they would like to carry in their store from our product line. So we would not be able to supply that information.
[Visitor] do you carry a skirt to fit a 48x48 tripod?
[Operator] We dont have a Tripod that is 48x48 - however we do have our Booster CR9400 that is 48x48 and we have box Blinds that fit on top of this Booster. Please see the link below. ... oster.html and ... dpods.html
[Visitor] He just wants a camo skirt to hide the hunter in his existing tripod. Do you carry a skirt to fit it?
[Operator] We do not have a camo skirt that would work with those dimensions.
[Visitor] Thank you for your time. I will let him know.
One manufacturer down, you can try another, until you find who supplied it. Good luck. (if it was me, I would sew my own with a lenth of bungie cord below the deck around the circumfrence, and velcro straps to attach to the rail. simple, easy and washable.)
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