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RE: rage 3s

Postby Goose » Fri Jan 16, 2009 5:50 pm

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RE: rage 3s

Postby drdaven » Wed Jan 21, 2009 7:18 am

I thought I would post a quick, almost missed her, story.
I use Rage 3's.  Had gotten down out of my stand for the morning.  Went to check trail activity for the evening hunt when I saw a group of does headed my way.  Positioned myself in a small drainage ditch on the property line.  Wind was right and the deer cooperated right up to the very end, when the chosen doe took the wrong trail into the woods.  She stood there peering at me through the briars from 5 yards.  Unsure of what I was she backed out and started to circle around.  Walking  outstretched neck, broadside through my only good shooting lane I leveled my sight pin on her chest and touched one off.  With my Beman ICS400 screaming at her from 25 yards she hit the reverse button.  I caught her in the neck. Horrified at my shot I watched her run by at 20 yards.  As she turned to get around me I could see the exit wound cleanly.  She stopped at about 40 yards and stood there tail twitching.  She staggered twice and went down.
Knowing what a lousy shot I had just made and not wanted to jump her, I left the woods.  Two hours later I came back with a buddy to retrieve her.  My buddy couldn't believe the amount of blood.  From the point of impact she was easy to follow.  The area that she had stopped and staggered was literally covered in blood.  Looked like a bad horror flick.  No damaged meat on that doe.
Just bought a package of replacement blades off Ebay so I am ready for spring Turkey season.  Look out Gobblers, I know I can make a lethal neck shot...
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RE: rage 3s

Postby Phi3nD » Fri Aug 07, 2009 11:38 am

I love rage broad heads but I have had a friend that had real bad luck with one. He shot a huge buck (17 pointer) and the broad head broke and just put about a pinhole through the deer. The metal piece that supports the broad heads when they expand broke so they were never triggered to expand out. That being said, he never found that deer. However, a lot of nice deer were taken this year on our land with rage broad heads.

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RE: rage 3s

Postby buckhunter21 » Sun Aug 09, 2009 7:52 pm

Yea, that might have just been a freak accident...something you hardly hear with Rage's.  I personally use the 2 blade, and have never had any problems with it!

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RE: rage 3s

Postby Swandog09 » Tue Aug 11, 2009 4:36 am

I have been using Rage 3's since they came out and would change for the world (well maybe the world).  Nothing but pass throughs and easy blood trails.  Most of the time the deer drop in sight or within very close hearing range.

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RE: rage 3s

Postby swestermann » Fri Oct 09, 2009 6:25 am

Hello I have a Rage 2 story but it isnt a whitetail story, I put the hurt on 2 full grown bobcats first one was approx 13yrds away i didnt have a lane cut for this shot but i just had to find a hole in the limbs and just so happened the first bobcat sat down and started cleaning his back leg and i let one fly i hit right on the moneybut the best part is the damage it did  his back leg was hanging on by a peice of skin and i hit right in the heart and it tore OUT everything behind his front shoulder and i mean everything amazing amounts of blood he clawed foward about 3 yrds growling the whole way and while this was going on the other car came into to check things out paying no attention to me getting another arrow out of my quiver knocked the arrow but this one had a crimson talon head and i thumped the other one 8 yrds away and it literally just fell off the log it was sitting on didnt move a muscle but that broadhead just had so much punch it just took that cat out the hole wasnt very big at all but i bet the shock was just amazing as it sounded like a bat hitting flesh. but anyway the rage is what i shoot now period very impresed with the damage it did on that cat. I shoot a mathews drenalin 29.5 draw 70lbs. axis arrows 500 100 gran tip  bow is tuned and tuned and tuned by a local mathews guy and it does right around 310 fps.

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RE: rage 3s

Postby CB on the run » Sun Oct 11, 2009 4:57 am

ORIGINAL: fasteddie

The RAGE 3 blade is illegal to use in New York State ............

This is not totally correct information. The rage 3 blade has experienced some problems locking after the shot. Not all Rage 3 blades have this issue so it depends on the individual head shot into a game animal and whether or not it performs as designed. It was not designed to lock therefore according to the DEC it is not illegal on face value. However, if shot into an animal in NY and it does not release and it is witnessed by the DEC police, it can be considered a violation. It's your choice.


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RE: rage 3s

Postby Hoytamania » Thu Oct 15, 2009 4:32 pm

Couple questions regarding these tips, 1.) i had expandable before, cant remember the brand, and when i practiced with them they would close back up all the way, do these have this problem? 2.) ive heard with exapandable there is less of a need to practice than with a regular broadhead on the end of your arrow, is this true, i mean i will practice with them, but if i wanted to change right now, and just buy the same weight tip as my practice tip, will it fly at the same rate/angle?

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RE: rage 3s

Postby CB on the run » Fri Oct 16, 2009 2:13 am

I have the ability to shoot my bow right in my backyard out to 80 yards if I want. I bought a new bow last year and started experiencing broadhead tuning problems with the non-mechanicals heads I used to shoot which were the Innerlock and NAP Thunderheads. I believe this due to the increase in speed as the Hoyt that served me well was 1990-91 vintage and on its' best day was shooting 210-215 fps with carbon arrows and the 75gr Innerlock.
I started experimenting with a number of broadheads including 4 blade Muzzys', 3 different NAPs', Wasp, Satellite, and Innerlock plus 3 different mechanical heads. None of the non-mechanical shot to field point accuracy. My results were that the 2 blade NAP Spitfires shot to field tip point of impact and that the 3 blade NAP and the Rage 2 blade were close second and third. I also noticed that the 2 bladed NAPs' were never open on the back side of my target. The 3 blade and the Rages were. I went with the Rage because unlike the original Spitfires', it has a cut on contact head and the blades deploy totally different. Numerous people had issues on quartering away shots with the non-cut on tip mechanicals especially if the blades deployed from the front to rear. The Rages do not deploy this way, the blades swing out from the rear which results in a far less chance of deflection on quartering shots. The Rage 3 blades have(had) some issues with the blades not releasing once deployed basically resulting in a barbed broadhead which are illegal in New York. I hope this helps but there is no substitute for practice. I shoot my heads out to 45 yards and on windy days to give me the best idea of what they are going to do. For example, for my set up the 5 yard change from 40 to 45 yards with the Rage head changes the point of impact close to 6". Good luck.


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RE: rage 3s

Postby farmboy15 » Mon Nov 16, 2009 1:25 pm

ive had bad luck with rage.i shot a buck last year with the 3 blade.it left a small pin drop blood trail but it did leave a massive hole and ran about 250 yards,it was a heart shot. then this year i shot a fow with a 2 blade.it ran about 50 yards with a small blood trail.and ive shot a doe with a 2 blade this year it left a small blood trail too. it ran about 450 to 500 yards.i shot it in front of the shoulder though. i am goin to give them one more chance and im going to go back to the slick tricks..


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