HellRazor by NAP

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RE: HellRazor by NAP

Postby northernVT » Tue Dec 02, 2008 12:38 pm

I shot this one in OH. My OH hunt was great. I hunted on private land with an outfitter. If you are going to hunt OH, I would find some private land to hunt on. Some farmers are pretty good about it. We hunted in east-central OH, Muskingam county. There really was a lot of deer there (compared to VT). The is some state land there and I am sure that you could pull a big buck off of it, but it's not easy. I have a couple of friends that went out there and just started knocking on doors to ask permission. The got a nice farm to hunt on and are quite successful. They are also in east-central OH.
Good luck.

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RE: HellRazor by NAP

Postby vambo991 » Fri Feb 06, 2009 3:07 pm

I was really impressed with the Hellrazor during the second week of October. I arrowed a young doe at 15 yards and the doe barely flinched, but I heard a loud "crack" at impact. The doe just stood there! Had it not been for the blood dripping out of it's entrance hole, I would've thought I missed. The doe stood for about 10 more seconds then tripped, fell, and died right there. I got down and got my arrow which was stuck at the base of a tree right behind the doe. The Helrazor was so deeply embedded into the tree that I managed to pull the arrow loose, but the Hellrazor and insert remained inside the tree. I had to return later with pliers and a knfe to retrieve them. VERY SHARP, VERY LETHAL, I LIKE.
I don't like the Switchblade from Tru Fire. A week before I took that doe with the Hellrazor, I was in the same stand and took an almost identical shot on an old doe, but my Pro Hunter was tipped with the new Switchblade. The shot was perfect, but the big doe took off with my arrow sticking well out of her ribcage. That woried me because with Muzzys or Thunderheads I ave never had a no-pass-thru at that range. I stayed confident, though, and got down later to find no trace of blood... anywhere. Me and my brother spent the better part of that Sunday looking for a ghost. No blood, no deer, no arrow, no nothing. I'll never use them again. Complete broadhead failure.


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