Actual Data on Rage v. Fixed Blade!

Highlander Archery
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RE: Actual Data on Rage v. Fixed Blade!

Postby Highlander Archery » Thu Nov 04, 2010 9:30 pm

Great notes, good testing, fits with what others are saying and it seems you also proved the critical aspect of shot placement. Seems most of your non pass throughs were because of dense bone impact.

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Re: Actual Data on Rage v. Fixed Blade!

Postby kellory » Sun Dec 04, 2011 6:52 pm

Excellent notes, sir! But may I ask why you take these notes? Some guys do keep a log of conditions, animals, weapons ect, but why did you keep THESE notes? I can see thier value now, but did you , then? For what use? You have me curious. ;)
The only real difference between a good tracker and a bad tracker is observation. All the same data is present for both. The rest is understanding what you are seeing.


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